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Publications of SOITM

·      An evaluation of Turkey’s ‘Turkmen policy’ (Part II): The Turkmen of Iraq are victims of subordination and deteriorated national politics
- 26 February 2013

In order to have an effective role in the difficult and complicated Iraqi...

-     Türkiye’nin ‘Türkmen siyaseti’ degerlendirilmesi (Bölüm II): Irak Türkmenleri itaat ve bozuk Türkmen siyasi sisteminin kurbanidir
Irak’in zor ve karmasik siyasi arenasinda etkin rol almak, Türkmenlere...

-   تقييم سياسة تركيا تجاه التركمان (القسم الثاني): تركمان العراق ضحية التبعية والواقع السياسي التركماني المتردي - ٢٦ شباط ٢٠۱۱
     كي يكون للتركمان دور فاعلا في الساحة السياسية الع ا رقية المعقدة، ولإيقاف انتهاك حقوق الإنسان المستمرة للتركمان، وارجاع ...

·      An evaluation of Turkey’s ‘Turkmen Policy’ (Part V): An approach of the Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation
- 13 July 2013

SOITM started writing a series of confidential articles under the general...

-     Türkiye’nin ‘Türkmen siyaseti’ degerlendirilmesi (Bölüm V): Irak Türkmenleri Insan Haklari Arastirma Vakfinin Yaklasimi
SOITM 2008 yilinda genel basligi “Türkiye’nin ‘Türkmen siyaseti’...

-   تقييم سياسة تركيا تجاه تركمان (القسم الخامس): نهج مؤسسة بحث حقوق الانسان لتركمان العراق - ١٣ تموز ٢٠١٣
     بعد العمل ولمدة خمسة سنوات في هذا المجال، توصلت مؤسسة سويتم على قناعة تامة ...

·      The present situation of the Turkmen in Iraq - 19 June 2013
Destruction of the state’s structure after the fall of Ba’ath regime, which ...
-   The Power point presentation
-   Agenda
-   Brochure

·      Summary of confiscation of the land and demographic changes of the Iraqi Turkmen region - 1 July 2013
Iraq is one of the best examples of a non-democratic, multi-ethnic and ...
-    The Power point presentation
-   The annexes
-   The program

·      Erbil city - 9 March 2013
Being a family in the large Turkic race, any article about the Turkmen will...

·      The Turkmen - 9 March 2013
Erbil city is considered one of the main Turkmen cities in northeastern Iraq...

·      The Turkmen of Syria: exposed early to assimilation and deportation policies - 15 February 2012
As it happens with the Empires, in the last couple of decades, the Ottoman ...

·      Continued ......

News and Articles

>      Kirkuk in limbo as law addressing political balance is scrapped

>      Political Balances Changing In Favor Of Kurds, Shiites In Iraq

>      Iraq Once More on the Brink of War

>      Kirkuk and Mosul: A Tale of Two Cities

>      Kirkuk Still Divides Arabs, Kurds in Iraq

Important publications and events

>      UN Side Event : “Iraqi Turkmen: Unveiling Repression in Iraq.” - 25 September 2013
Ms. Sundus Abbas started the panel discussion with a brief ...

>      Iraqi Turkmen: Unveiling Repression in Iraq - 09 September 2013
This event will serve as a platform for raising awareness about ...

>      United Nations Security Council Urged To Intervene On The Rapidly Deteriorating Situation Of The Turkmen In Northern Iraq - 29 July 2013
On 23 July 2013, at least 60 Iraqi civilians were killed or wounded in two bomb ...

>      European Parliament Urged To Hold Hearing On The Situation Of The Iraqi Turkmen In Northern Iraq - 8 July 2013
Further to the previous appeal of February 2013, following a series of attacks ...

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